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Engaging Prospects and Customers

Why is engagement important? “By engaging your prospects on various platforms with the right content, you’re effectively moving them along the sales funnel and getting them closer to becoming paying customers.” @LilachBullock, on IntellaSphere IntellaSphere combines multiple outreach methods in one powerful toolkit. We’ll show you how you can quickly create more of your own …

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Why does the time zone only reflect my browser time?

The time zone for all engagements will always reflect your browser’s time, even if it has been edited for a specific engagement. However when you distribute or share anything with IntellaSphere, it will display the local time zone for recipients. We show dates/times which correctly reflect the users’ browsers and local zones. So though it …

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How do I add an Engagement to my website?

We offer numerous easy ways to integrate your events, offers, forms, and other engagements directly into your website.  If you have access to your site’s source code, you can insert the embed code directly. Get the code snippet from each engagement’s “Distribute” page by selecting “Embed on Website.” From there, you can create and customize …

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Running Campaigns

In the Campaigns Lab, you can schedule and monitor series of communications to engage your audience and to tell your story. You can create email, direct message, or multi-channel campaigns. Then, set the parameters, such as the run-dates, message timing, and target audience. This feature helps keep you organized by grouping together related emails and …

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