About Brand Promoter Marketing

Do you want to start creating your own brand promoter community? IntellaSphere can help you attract brand promoters who want to share, react to and amplify your marketing efforts.

Check out these intro videos:

Setting Up and Inviting Promoters

To sign up promoters, you'll simply send out a request through IntellaSphere that asks supporters if they’re willing to help spread the word about your brand. It includes a sign-up form for enthusiastic recipients.

In this example, we sent an invite through Twitter, email and Facebook.

Tiny House Joy - Promoter Sign-Up

Creating Your Marketing Engagements

Once promoters have signed up, alerting them about any marketing activities is easy. IntellaSphere gives you the power to ask promoters to "amplify" while creating your key engagements.

In this example, we created an offer, survey, poll and event.

Tiny House Joy - IntellaSphere Engagements

Sending Your Alerts

Through IntellaSphere, your promoters will receive automated alerts about marketing activities that you chose to amplify. Now it's their turn to react and encourage their contacts/connections to engage with you.

In this example, we alerted promoters to an offer announced on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Promoter Alert - One Offer - April-7

Grow Your Promoters Today

We always offer a FREE TRIAL of our marketing system, no credit card required. After you have launched and grown your own brand promoter community for 30 days, our service costs only $49/month.

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