Customer Engagement Tools

In the Engage Lab, click on Create to find the list of customer engagement tools that can be used to grow your awareness — by interacting with customers or connections.

You can also find these tools by navigating to the Start button in the lower left, which takes you to the Start Wizard.

From the Start Wizard, click on Engage Prospects and Customers and you’ll see:

  • Create & Distribute Offers / Coupons
  • Promote an Event
  • Create & Share Social Banner Ads
  • Obtain Customer Feedback
  • Get Business Reviews
  • Create & Share a Poll Question
  • Create & Send a Survey
  • Create & Send a Newsletter
  • Create & Send Targeted Bulk Email

Create and distribute, save or schedule when you want to send any of these engagements in under 15 minutes with IntellaSphere’s easy step-by-step guides.

See an overview video of the Engagement tools, here.

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