Our Reach Guarantee

IntellaSphere’s Marketing Reach Amplification Guarantee

Grow your business by leveraging through the combined marketing clout of local businesses by participating in one or more of our SavingsPak Business Marketing Cooperatives.

With IntellaSphere you are guaranteed to amplify your reach 5x, 10x, 20x or more -- without paying for advertising, as long as…

  • You participate in one or more SavingsPak Marketing Cooperatives,
  • You add a promotional offer into the SavingsPak,
  • You and each participating SavingsPak Co-op Member shares the SavingsPak of offers with your own social connections and email list on the SavingsPak distribution date. (This provides the amplification effect!)

Note: In fact, you and your SavingsPak Co-op members can potentially amplify your reach even more, possibly 50x, 100x or more, if each of you also leverage IntellaSphere’s Brand Promoter Network capability!

Q: How can we make this bold guarantee?

A: It’s simple really. It’s based on the laws of multiplication. If each SavingsPak Co-op member follows these 3 simple steps, you simply cannot fail to dramatically increase the reach and exposure of your offers. Without paying for advertising!

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