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About Bhively

The founders of IntellaSphere recognized that all products, businesses, brands, people, and places have some level of “Affinity”, i.e., positive or negative feelings associated with it by others.

Bhively (stands for Brand Hive), and views virtually everything as a “Brand.” It measures people’s ‘Brand Affinity’ (like or dislike) also referred to as "brand attachment".

As a result, IntellaSphere created the Bhively Marketplace which is a unique cross between Yellow Pages/Yelp, Groupon, and LinkedIn. All built around building, measuring and growing brand awareness, reputation and sales!

Bhively enables consumers to rate how they feel about almost any business or brand, as well as receive promotional offers and special deals from their favorite national brands and local businesses.

Bhively enables individuals to provide their opinion by declaring their level of “affinity” (amount of like or dislike) for their favorite national brands, local businesses, celebrities, musicians, artists, athletes, teams, places and more. Bhively users can follow others to view and be notified of friend’s and celebrities brand preferences. Users can also access and participate in national and local deals / offers (ala Groupon) and events.

Bhively helps businesses measure and build their Brand Affinity Value (think of Brand Affinity Value as a “brand score” for measuring total brand attachment). Businesses and brands can also grow brand awareness, as well as harness 'brand advocates' who can help amplify key marketing campaigns, offers, and events.

Businesses can use the IntellaSphere Marketing System for also marketing on Bhively, including managing their Bhively Marketplace page/listing, posting promotional offers and events on Marketplace (free), discovering and reaching individuals on Bhively who have expressed affinity for their business/brand.

There are two types of Bhively users:

  • Brand/Brand Owners & Managers - Anyone who owns / manages a business, or their personal professional brand is a Brand Owner. Brand Owners can create and manage a Bhively Page for their brand/business.
  • Consumers, Customers, Brand Influencers/Opinion Leaders – Everyone is a consumer and brand influencer! Brand Influencers can participate in existing Bhively Brand Affinity Polls regarding their favorite (or least favorite) brands / businesses, or they can create a new Affinity Poll - if one does not already exist for a business.

When you sign up for IntellaSphere, we automatically create an Bhively Affinity Page for your business, and with the click of a button, you can add promotional offers and events to Bhively Marketplace!

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