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Here a template, there a template

Every marketer’s favorite word? We think so. Recently we were exploring keyword searches and discovered someone was out there googling for a Coachella invitation template. Yes, there are templates needed for every reason under the sun. Templates are something we search and long for: the…

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4 Best Practices for Community Management, and How to Do Them Easily with IntellaSphere

Social Media Today recently posted 4 Best Practices for Community Management, which discusses tips for how to stay on top of what’s being said about you online. Nowadays everyone seems to be so focused on content creation, and simply getting something posted rather than tending…

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The Game Changing, Free Customer Engagement Tool

Engagement used to come at a cost. But that was then, this is now. Oracle and Forbes winning social influencer and content marketing guru, Lilach Bullock recently tested the all-in-one IntellaSphere marketing system – deeming it a “game changer” that can transform your digital marketing…

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From Twitter to Search, Really

Yes, Twitter can be good for your search. Twitter and Google play together. You are likely aware that tweets appear in search results, including tweet-filled carousels. Yet the relationship isn’t all about indexing data or algorithms. According to PPC expert Mark Irvine, people power also connects Twitter…

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Pushing Beyond Paid Proselytizers

As a brand owner and marketer, you may have grown weary thinking about or addressing your influencer strategy. Yet we believe there’s not enough influencer buzz, and that marketing through your fans has finally reached an inflection point: relying on paid influencers is good for…

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Transform Your Plumbing Business Into a Digitally Present Success

In this era, plumbers must think digital. At any company, having a good online reputation is important, but for plumbers it’s vital. This is because plumbers are very high in demand and also have massive competition within their industry. You’re living in the stone age…

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