The Game Changing, Free Customer Engagement Tool

Engagement used to come at a cost. But that was then, this is now.

Oracle and Forbes winning social influencer and content marketing guru, Lilach Bullock recently tested the all-in-one IntellaSphere marketing system - deeming it a "game changer" that can transform your digital marketing and customer engagement.

Bullock wrote a detailed article about the importance of engaging with your prospects and customers online, regardless of your company size, and how you can do it with one robust tool

Getting a website visitor from being unaware of what your brand is to becoming a customer is a complex process. Every business has its unique sales funnel to capture leads and turn them into customers. But one element that is common to every marketing strategy trying to convert prospects is, quite simply… Engagement.

By engaging your prospects on various platforms with the right content, you’re effectively moving them along the sales funnel and getting them closer to becoming paying customers. 

Now the big question is: how do you engage your prospects to convince them to make the buying decision?

  • Interact [online] with your prospects and customers to convert them to buy your products or services
  • Leverage any influencers and brand advocates who are already promoting your business
  • Engage with leads at different stages of your sales funnel

After thorough testing of the toolkit, it’s functionality and ease-of-use, her insights speak for themselves: 

Considering how vital engagement is to turning prospects to customers, you need a tool that helps you to engage with leads at different stages of your sales funnel.

IntellaSphere is an all-in-one marketing tool that helps you to engage your prospects, acquire customers and increase your sphere of influence. The tool offers pretty much all the marketing tools you need to engage and manage your leads and prospects – for free. 

From email marketing and marketing automation tools to lead gen tools and to social media marketing and scheduling tools, you literally have all of the tools needed to generate leads, manage them and then convert them into customers… You won’t need to switch between accounts anymore and you’ll be able to handle everything from email marketing to social media scheduling from one place.

It's digital marketing for the rest of us.

It’s important to us that anyone who wants to spread brand awareness has access to comprehensive marketing tools to help them do this! Which is why our powerfully-built platform was created with the mindset that “marketing is for the masses,” meaning it should be affordable for any business or organization that wants to expand their digital visibility.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with marketing tools, this is a great starting point as you get a lot of easy-to-follow information on how to use it and how to best improve your marketing results; plus, the tool itself is very easy to set up and use.

You can go through the extensive resources to get more information about using the tool and to access the different features. Another option is to go through the videos, explore their Learn FAQs, or send a message to customer support.

A small business can easily leverage the free plan for most of their marketing efforts – this is something that is truly impressive when you consider the pricing for other similar all-in-one tool.

Want to see more of her insights on the system’s capabilities? Read Bullock’s full article: The Ultimate Guide to boosting your marketing campaigns using a single platform. In her words, if you're serious about scaling your business, this is a must read!

by Amanda Worrall - Sept-26-2019

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