Here a template, there a template

Every marketer’s favorite word? We think so.

Recently we were exploring keyword searches and discovered someone was out there googling for a Coachella invitation template. Yes, there are templates needed for every reason under the sun.

Templates are something we search and long for: the answer to getting your digital work done more easily than if you had started from scratch. Go to any digital tool and you will often work with some standard version or example that can get revised, adjusted, saved, and re-used. You just know they will work.

Templates solve immediate marketing communication needs, and you should expect them to function as a reliable safety net. Yet we’re all guilty of using tools that either aren’t proven or are well past their expiration dates. It’s simply hard to keep up!

While marketing tools provide examples as a starting point, they only qualify as templates when they can meet your nuanced or specific needs, offer creative options, and get used as building blocks that can be combined or pulled apart — all without requiring programming or advanced skills.

We want to show you what building blocks look like.

Why focus on building blocks?

We see a democratization underway, since it’s getting very affordable to coordinate marketing activities from an array of digital tools. Dealing with data imports, exports, copying creative assets, and making campaigns work cohesively still takes time for digital marketers.

Today templates and blocks are actively used through WordPress and other site/blog builders, online store hosting, email services, or other content management systems. Blocks matter because they’re already familiar for many digital marketers by now.

While marketers are starting to make strides in unifying digital content, we see a breakdown when it comes to productivity and distribution—and that’s where templates and blocks are becoming more important, as linchpins.

We believe that marketing templates also must easily translate from one media or channel to another. If you use templates consistently, then it’s the best way to establish standards and get distributed through your domains, other web sites, social media and emails.

How marketers can save time with templates

When you are focused on marketing campaigns and getting tasks checked off your lists, it’s hard to remember that proper template use means you’ll have the right resources available to get things done more quickly. Here are tips for using templates to improve your agility and response time.

Tip 1 | Set up templates for repetitive offers or activities

Let’s say you like to offer a special deal on a product every day, week or month. Try using a template that enables you to manually or even dynamically swap out the product, service or whatever else changes.

Tip 2 | Plan each seasonal campaign with a single template

Do you roll out themes based on holidays, spring cleaning or something unique to your business? Create a template for each one, with creative, media and links that frame all your digital communications.

Tip 3 | Develop targeted audience templates

Set up specific audience or customer templates which help test or establish your targeted presence across multiple web and social media channels. You may even have the same offers in them!

Tip 4 | Use template settings for company-wide or service details

Take advantage of settings that impact all templates, which may include about-us, contacts, address, hours, terms & conditions or other fine print. It’s convenient to make changes anytime, or override for one-off templates.

Tip 5 | Create engagement type templates

Set up templates for specific types of marketing such as promotions, offers, events, newsletters or announcements. And don’t forget to develop your own template forms for lead generation, feedback, contact-us or customer support.

Note: IntellaSphere admits to pro-template bias, as we offer a marketing toolkit that enables you to use standard or custom templates with ease, create marketing activities, and distribute them without having to change anything.

by Debby Richman, Oct-5-2019

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