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SavingsPak Co-ops Overview

  • A SavingsPak is a collection of online promotional offers supplied by participating businesses and collectively marketed by the SavingsPak Cooperative Group Members.
  • A SavingsPak Cooperative / SavingsPak Co-op Group is the term for the group of businesses participating in -- providing offers and collectively distributing -- a particular SavingsPak.
  • The person that initiates a SavingsPak Co-op Group / SavingsPak is called the SavingsPak Organizer.
  • A SavingsPak Co-op Member is a business that is participating in the SavingsPak Cooperative.
  • A SavingPak Offer or Event Promotion are special promotional deals provided by each participating business.
  • Anyone can be a SavingsPak Organizer and create their own SavingsPak Co-op Group/SavingsPak.

How it works?

SavingsPak Co-op Creation, Participation & Distribution

Organizer Creates SavingsPak Co-op Group Name & SavingsPak Distribution Schedule
Organizer Invites Other Businesses to Participate in the SavingsPak Co-op
Businesses Join the SavingsPak Co-op for free


SavingsPak Co-op Business Members Create a Promotional Offer(s)
SavingsPak Co-op Member Adds their Offers or Event Promotions to SavingsPak
Each/all businesses in the Co-op Shares the SavingsPak on the Distribution Date
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  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Email Lists

  • Brand Promoter Networks

SavingsPak Viewing and Redemption

Consumers Receive and View SavingsPak Offers and/or Event Promotions
Your SavingsPak Offer(s) or Event Promotions are Redeemed by New Customers

Types of SavingsPak Marketing Co-ops....

  • Best Business - Best Deals in town SavingsPak
  • Best Automotive Deals in town SavingsPaks
  • Best Food & Beverage Deals in town SavingsPaks
  • Best Home Improvement Deals in town SavingsPaks
  • Best Real Estate Deals in town SavingsPaks
  • Best Health, Beauty and Fitness Deals in town SavingsPaks
  • Best Home Furnishing Deals in town SavingsPaks
  • Best Fashion and Apparel Deals in town SavingsPaks
  • Best Electronics and Appliance Deals in town SavingsPaks
  • Best Kids related Deals in town SavingsPaks
  • Best Arts, Crafts and Maker Deals in town SavingsPaks
  • Best Entertainment and Travel Deals in town SavingsPaks
  • Chamber of Commerce SavingsPaks
  • Best Local Strip Malls Deals SavingsPaks
  • Best Sweets and Treats Deal SavingsPaks
  • Best Ethic-owned Business Deals Savings
  • Best Green Business Deals SavingsPaks
  • Best Education and Learning Deals SavingsPaks
  • Best Small Business Services
  • Best Local Farmers Market Deals SavingsPaks
  • Best Gift & Special Occasion / Gift Deals SavingsPaks
  • Store SavingsPaks (larger stores)

SavingsPak Co-op business members each distribute the SavingsPak
on the scheduled distribution date

harnessing the collective marketing clout of all participating businesses


Your Business

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