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About Us

Digital marketing can feel overwhelming, with all the "easy to use" tools that are actually complex, frustrating, time-consuming, ineffective and ultimately expensive.

IntellaSphere's mission is to help businesses not only survive but also prosper in the digital age.

We offer affordable marketing solutions that build your reputation online and amplify your efforts with effective grassroots and cross-channel marketing.

Think of it as "digital marketing for the rest of us."

Why is it for the rest of us? Because our comprehensive, integrated and easy-to-use marketing toolkit is accessible to anyone, with our 30-Day FREE Trial.

How can we amplify your marketing?

Welcome to the first-ever marketing toolkit than can amplify your marketing promotions and communications, broaden your reach online through customer engagement tools, and appeal to your micro-influencers -- which we call brand promoters.

IntellaSphere's tools, like the Promoter Sign Up, invite loyal fans or trusted contacts to help you spread the word about your business and promote your activities.

Start by actively marketing and take your leads through the "IntellaSphere funnel." Engage with your prospects, convert them into customers, and grow them into fans that you can invite to become your brand promoters.

With the support of fans and promoters, your marketing efforts are amplified and you get the right kind of word-of-mouth support to build your brand reputation online!

Practical, easy to use, and worth it.

We're an all-in-one marketing toolkit that's economical, saves time and simply works. Sign up for our Free Edition, no credit card required, and see it for yourself.

Take a Test Flight

We have your back! If you ever decide to trade up, our monthly service plans are ridiculously affordable and will continue to support you as your brand grows.

Ready to get up and running? Check out our Quick Start Guide. To see what else you can do, take a peek into our Start Wizard, a directory that can be found within our toolkit, making it easier to navigate and get tasks done.

Find out even more about IntellaSphere by exploring our Learn pages and watching our 7-minute intro and how-to videos.

Need any additional assistance? We offer online Customer Service:

What if I am new to using online marketing systems and need a little assistance? Can you help me?

When you sign up for IntellaSphere, you join a supportive community. We offer super affordable web/phone time with our in-house team. Schedule your consulting hour at Real People, Real Help.

If you want more hands-on marketing assistance, we offer a variety of marketing services that help you grow -- delivered by our Professional Services team of marketing pros.

We also help healthcare providers grow their medical practices via our IntellaHealth marketing team.

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