About IntellaSphere

Internet Marketing has become increasingly complex, challenging, frustrating, time-consuming. ineffective and expensive.

IntellaSphere's mission is to help businesses survive and prosper in the digital age, by amplifying your marketing efforts and turning your fans, customers and supporters into active brand promoters.

We offer a comprehensive, integrated and easy-to-use marketing system. Think of it as "digital marketing for the rest of us."

Let's amplify your marketing.

Our Brand Affinity Marketing System enables you to perform a full-suite of marketing activities at an affordable price. Brand Affinity Marketing builds awareness with prospects and strengthens loyalty with your customers. It's an all-in-one system that's easy-to-use, economical and just works.

Don't be intimidated by the words "Brand Affinity Marketing System." IntellaSphere is fond of that term because all businesses are brands, all people are brand influencers, and brand affinity drives sales. Our system helps you engage more effectively with new and existing customers, who grow their attachment (or affinity) to your business.

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It's simple and easy to use.

Give it a try, we won't charge you upfront and we have your back. Our simple Start Wizard makes IntellaSphere super easy-to-use, plus we offer online Customer Service and training webinars.

We always offer a FREE TRIAL of our marketing system, no credit card required. Plus our monthly service plans are ridiculously affordable, far less than what most people pay for coffee every month -- and a fraction of the money large companies pay for comparable, much harder-to-use marketing systems.

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What if I am new to using online marketing systems and need a little assistance? Can you help me?

For those businesses that would like a bit more hands-on marketing assistance, we offer a variety of marketing services to help you grow -- delivered by our Professional Services team of marketing pros.

We also help healthcare providers grow their medical practices via our IntellaHealth marketing team.

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The Management Team

We love helping businesses grow, and have been providing digital marketing and customer-oriented technology for decades. Founders Bruce Worrall and Vijay Masina are passionate about making online systems and applications that are affordable and work beautifully.

Below are some of our bios, which may or may not be terribly interesting to read. We thought about sharing our plans to summit Mt. Everest, though decided that working to make marketing easier is equally challenging and more enjoyable.

Bruce Worrall

Bruce brings 25+ years of experience driving leading-edge product and business initiatives for startups and Fortune 500 companies including CEO of GalleryPlayer, VP of Biz Dev for Fairmarket (IPO’d and acquired by eBay) and COO of 1000Museums. He has held leadership positions with Microsoft, Amazon, AT&T, Nuance and Ebay.

Vijay Masina

CTO, VP of Engineering
Vijay has 20+ years of software architect experience building cloud-based systems, mobile and enterprise class applications. He served as Software Architect and Software Engineer at Boeing, Microsoft, Clearwire, TCS and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Vijay has also helmed his own company, as CEO of DevShip.

Debby Richman

Debby has focused on high-growth, tech driven opportunities in her 20+ years of senior level marketing & product experience. Her past roles include GM & VP, About.com Web Services; VP Marketing, Overstock.com; SVP Consumer Products, Looksmart; and SVP Marketing & Business Development, Collarity. She also consulted as a for-hire CMO and product leader.