How to Get Into a Template Mindset with IntellaSphere

Recently mentioned in Social Media Today's article 3 Key Tips on Social Media Content Templates, and Why You Need to Use Them in Your Efforts, consistency is key for marketers, and templates can help us with this as well as establishing our brand online.

"If you organize your marketing activities with a template mindset, then it's much simpler to configure new creatives, messages and communications across digital destinations."

Establishing brand templates should be a key consideration for all businesses looking to grow their social media presence.

The Engage Lab is where you can create new, or re-use & customize IntellaSphere's engagement templates.

Here are steps you can take with IntellaSphere, all using templates to save time while broadening your reach and brand awareness online:

1 | Set up brand standards! Visit the Settings area and find the Brand Kit to edit your brand's font, colors, about info, etc. You can also set your company's about info that will show up on your communications in the company profile settings.

2 | Create or re-use at least 5 key engagement templates. In the Engage Lab, click on create to start fresh or click the re-use option beneath any of the out-of-the-box templates and make them your own. The point is you should be able to re-purpose these in the future!

3 | Make a solid content & posting schedule. You'll find both of these in the Posts Lab. The planner is one of the tabs on the left side, and the scheduler can be found at the bottom of the page while you're creating a post.

3 | Distribute content across channels. With IntellaSphere you can send your content to any of your connected channels/profiles. Use the "Share" button (in the additional options) next to any of your engagements to send them socially. Or, you can create a social post in the Posts Lab, just click on create a post and include a link there (that's also where the URL shortener lives).

5 | Keep up with your leads. Continue to interact with, respond to & comment in your community, engaging them frequently with new content. You can quickly create new marketing content using the engagement templates in the Engage Lab.

The Posts Lab lets you see your feeds, manage your social channels, communities and engagement all from one place.

As mentioned in the article, "perhaps the single most important reason to use the template mindset relates to cross-channel communications."

IntellaSphere makes cross-channel marketing simple. Our goal is to improve the processes -- and reduce the steps -- for those who understand the importance of producing and sharing new content for their followers and prospects.

Don't expect results quickly, but don't give up either. Make a habit out of using the content planner and post scheduler so that you create less work and hassle for yourself, but you keep feeding your followers with engaging communications... This is what will grow your network and brand at the end of the day!

by Amanda Worrall, Oct-26-2019

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