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Real People, Real Promoters

Do you believe that real people can be real promoters? We know it can be hard to tell what’s true from false online nowadays. That’s why IntellaSphere created a system where digital trust still exists and paves the way for new connections, relationships and brand…

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Digital Advice To Avoid Consumer Breakups

All businesses depend on consumers and their emotional responses. We’re aware that brands often make us feel good and, by drawing us closer, encourage our support. Yet they can also sometimes neglect or ignore us. As business owners or managers, we start out with the right intentions…

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Digital Trust Is Here

Does creating digital connections feel like a burden or privilege to you? Even transcendent brands, with clear purpose, can struggle with creating trustworthy relationships online. While businesses do need to create demand, volume and transactions, we want to explore how trust gets translated into practical business…

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Twitter Should Matter For Outreach

Sometimes it feels like we’re going through the motions with Twitter. Remember when you created a Twitter handle? Or where you first experienced hashtags? Twitter seemed like an important place to declare your digital presence, attract interest, create connections and impact your business. Yet for…

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This Thing About Giving Back

What is a successful event? We are inspired by businesses whose events naturally attract their fans and customers, and wonder what drives their success.  One of the not-so-secret ingredients is expanding beyond the business at hand and giving back to the community, through good works.…

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Social Search Drawing In The Local Crowd

Here’s proof positive that social sources impact local shopping. You already know that social channels “work” when shopping locally. When someone asks for advice about buying a product or service, others cheerfully chime in with their two cents and more. Social shopping has become pretty…

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