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From Twitter to Search, Really

Yes, Twitter can be good for your search. Twitter and Google play together. You are likely aware that tweets appear in search results, including tweet-filled carousels. Yet the relationship isn’t all about indexing data or algorithms. According to PPC expert Mark Irvine, people power also connects Twitter…

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Pushing Beyond Paid Proselytizers

As a brand owner and marketer, you may have grown weary thinking about or addressing your influencer strategy. Yet we believe there’s not enough influencer buzz, and that marketing through your fans has finally reached an inflection point: relying on paid influencers is good for…

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Transform Your Plumbing Business Into a Digitally Present Success

In this era, plumbers must think digital. At any company, having a good online reputation is important, but for plumbers it’s vital. This is because plumbers are very high in demand and also have massive competition within their industry. You’re living in the stone age…

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Real People, Real Promoters

Do you believe that real people can be real promoters? We know it can be hard to tell what’s true from false online nowadays. That’s why IntellaSphere created a system where digital trust still exists and paves the way for new connections, relationships and brand…

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Digital Advice To Avoid Consumer Breakups

All businesses depend on consumers and their emotional responses. We’re aware that brands often make us feel good and, by drawing us closer, encourage our support. Yet they can also sometimes neglect or ignore us. As business owners or managers, we start out with the right intentions…

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Digital Trust Is Here

Does creating digital connections feel like a burden or privilege to you? Even transcendent brands, with clear purpose, can struggle with creating trustworthy relationships online. While businesses do need to create demand, volume and transactions, we want to explore how trust gets translated into practical business…

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