From Twitter to Search, Really

Yes, Twitter can be good for your search.

Twitter and Google play together. You are likely aware that tweets appear in search results, including tweet-filled carousels. Yet the relationship isn't all about indexing data or algorithms.

According to PPC expert Mark Irvine, people power also connects Twitter and Google.  Active searching ramps up after topics trend on Twitter: queries double within an hour and increase five-fold within six hours. That's awesome.

What are practical search traffic opportunities?

While you aren't creating a zeitgeist trending topic anytime soon, multiplying search impact through Twitter may be a worthy marketing objective.

As a start, remember to focus on real-time, ephemeral communication:

  • Inject some originality into your tweets or hashtags
  • Address your audience less formally, the Twitter ethos
  • Come up with newsworthy topics to attract attention
  • Don't lose sight of your core brand and topical interests
  • Remember to directly engage, whenever possible

"We discover on social and then we search on Google, " reports Search Engine Land. "There may still be some life in the funnel concept as well as a strong case for jumping from one walled garden to the next with our marketing initiatives."

While it's not a slam-dunk to tweet (or post) and expect increased search traffic, we're fascinated that people power can multiply impact -- on a small or large scale.


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