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Why Influencers Are Turning Micro

Celebrity marketing is old news, with businesses of all sizes shifting to micro influencers. Sure, Big Brands will continue to feature stars. How about Sofia Vergara, her son and their fabulous shampoo? Jennifer Aniston and her beloved skin creme? Or Dennis Quaid and his fake spokesman take…

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Your Brand, Your Survey Mode

Now that research survey tools have become democratized and readily accessible online, businesses are relying on them to make ongoing connections with fans, prospects and customers. Online surveys are okay It’s worth listening to expert researchers who caution us about findings based on how people…

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A Flourishing Florist On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which delivers 25 percent of annual U.S. cut flower sales. We always wondered how florists plan, attract, ramp up and meet the Valentine’s rush. Take a peek inside Dallas-based McShan Florist, which handles the day with aplomb in this video. So…

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To Groupon or Not to Groupon

We’re pretty sure you know Groupon. Have you considered using this channel? Today analysts predicted the giant coupon company will report $2.63 billion annually in sales, a drop of nearly 10 percent. Their U.S. coupon business is shrinking quickly, down 17 percent in the last quarter. Despite these…

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Offering Trust, Through A Guarantee

How do you know which brands to trust? Consumers are faced with responding to brands on a daily basis. The next time you watch TV, whether live or on demand, try counting the barrage of commercials and brand mentions. While you watch, also notice how…

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Personalized Marketing Is Possible

Some 80 percent of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences. You may have missed how personalization impacts sales! Businesses should expect consumers who find personalization “very appealing” to be their best customers by far. Plus consumers who rate…

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