Your Brand, Your Survey Mode

Now that research survey tools have become democratized and readily accessible online, businesses are relying on them to make ongoing connections with fans, prospects and customers.

Online surveys are okay

It’s worth listening to expert researchers who caution us about findings based on how people give their opinions. This week, the Pew Foundation shared their findings about different survey modes or approaches.

When asking the same questions online or by phone, Pew noticed distinctions in comprehension. Online respondents favor the first answer because they are reading, while phone respondents opt for the last answer because they are listening and recall it well.

Respondents are less shy

Less surprising?  Socially-sensitive questions, like political views or income queries, are best asked online rather than by fellow human beings. Online surveys tend to get “more honest” answers by the respondents.

Meanwhile, sample bias is always challenging for researchers. Even if the survey is expertly administered to include a mix of screening questions, some people don’t want to spend time completing anything online while many others don’t want to take calls from interviewers or pollsters.

Surveys seem ubiquitous

These days, even the smallest businesses are impacted by online reviews through Google, Yelp or other industry rankings appearing through search results. Reviews are frequently how organizations get noticed in the crowd!

That’s why every business brand should actively include polls, surveys, reviews and feedback requests as part of their digital arsenal.

So many questions and needs

Here are the most common ways online collection works, whether shown on your website, as part of online interactions or shopping, through email communications or via social media.

  • Polls often ask a quick question that’s shared with respondents
  • Surveys might cover anything, though satisfaction is a common topic
  • Reviews often focus on whether your brand should get recommended
  • Open Feedback is another way to improve customer service or reputation

Accept all participants

Start by accepting the inherent bias in who responds to your questions. You’ll hear from dissatisfied customers or clients who can easily amplify their issues as well as your timely resolutions. Fans or customers who appreciate your efforts are also eager to let you and their social circles know what they think about your brand, whether you’re aware of them or not.

To embrace everyone and attract more people to your brand, it just makes sense to ask your contacts for input. All their responses ultimately share your brand with anyone discovering you online.

Online questions help grow business demand. They help any brand reach their promoters. #OnlineReviewsMatters #TakeBrandControl

by Debby Richman, Feb-11-2019

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