Transform Your Plumbing Business Into a Digitally Present Success

In this era, plumbers must think digital.

At any company, having a good online reputation is important, but for plumbers it’s vital. This is because plumbers are very high in demand and also have massive competition within their industry.

You’re living in the stone age if you’re not tending to your online presence and reputation in order to optimize your business reach! Most prospects find you online first before they ever actually meet you in real life.

Stakes are high in the plumbing industry.

Everyone is racing to gain more customers, so plumbers need to take their digital presence seriously. Not only does this mean having an up-to-date website that’s optimized for mobile, but also maintaining a content schedule and continuously posting and encouraging digital engagement with their audience. One plumbing expert advises that “your online presence will directly affect whether someone chooses to hire you or not – or if they’ll even see your business in the list of results.”

Consumers are drawn to engagement, the same way they are to positive reviews. If someone does a mobile search and sees two websites, one that hasn’t posted in multiple months, and one that has recent content as well as a valid coupon, it’s obvious which one they would choose — the latter.

Make sure to create a steady pattern for your social posting and online/community engagement, if you want your plumbing business to reach its full potential.

Encourage customer reviews, they’re your secret weapon.

Let’s face it, we all look at reviews before making a purchase or decision about a service. It makes sense that people want to hear what others have to say about a product, or company, that they’ve already tried or encountered. In fact, The Edelman Trust Barometer report confirms that 65 percent of consumers trust online search engines the most when conducting research on a business. Which means that tons of people not only use Google, but they trust Google – and the information they discover on it. It’s obvious that customer reviews are a large part of digital trust, and they can make or break your plumbing business.

Good reviews initiate digital trust.

Just about everyone uses search today, and even more so including mobile search. Due to all the business information that is easily discovered on the internet, consumers usually decide which brand to choose based on who they find and compare online. Customer reviews are key while your prospects are scouring through their Google options.

According to BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey, 74 percent of consumers have greater trust in a company if they read good reviews about them first. It’s also not a surprise to see that 78 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 86 percent read reviews for local businesses.

Trust leads consumers to purchase.

Of course, trustworthy relationships are a two-way street. Your prospects will gain a sense of confidence in your brand if do your part online. It isn’t enough to simply create and run a couple of campaigns on occasion, or to set up social accounts but not keep up with them. It takes a strategy, time and effort and, above all, constancy.

Start small with your plumbing business’ online content, and work your way up to becoming a well-regarded, reliable brand.

Transforming your business into a digitally present success begins within your online community. #DigitalTrustStartsWithPresence

by Amanda Worrall, Jul-8-2019

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