What are Engagement tools?

Intellasphere provides numerous ways for you to reach out to existing and potential customers, and provide them with actionable ways to interact with your business.

When you create an engagement, a landing page or web form is created through our service, you can share the link to the engagement through any of your preferred means of communication.  

Ten default engagements:

Offers Offers allow you to create promotions, discounts, and coupons for your customers. You can customize all the elements of the deal, from promotion details to the redemption mechanism.

Events With Events, you can create enticing invites to all kinds of events: paid or free, real-world or virtual, with or without RSVPs, one-time or multi-day. 

Polls Polls are a great way to engage with your audience and to quickly measure opinions. Whether you’re wondering which flavors to offer next month or picking a theme for an upcoming event, these quick, one-question engagements are a fun way to let your customers’ voices be heard. 

Surveys Surveys are a more in-depth way of getting collecting information on current and potential customers. Offering several question types (like multiple-choice, open-ended, and slider scale), surveys let you learn more about your connections and explore how you can best suit their needs. 

Business Reviews Interested to see how your business is doing? Business Reviews let your customers quickly evaluate your services, and our automated system prompts positive reviewers to easily transfer their reviews to services like Yelp and Google, while those leaving negative reviews can be sent follow-up in-depth Feedback requests or offers–converting brand detractors into happy customers. 

Feedback Gauge people’s opinion of your business, and identify areas where you can improve and win over more fans.  

NewslettersNewsletters are a powerful tool, allowing you to quickly distribute a selection of engagements and outside content to your subscribers, ensuring they are in the know about your news, updates, and latest promotions. 

Newsletter Subscriptions A quick and easy way to collect emails for your mailing list.

Promoter Sign-up Convert your supporters into active promoters of your cause. This form is specifically tailored to invite members of your network to become Brand Promoters, meaning they opt into notifications and agree to share your important announcements.

Contact Us Forms A simple form you can distribute or embed on your site, allowing you to address questions and connect with people interested in your service.

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