How do I add an Engagement to my website?

We offer numerous easy ways to integrate your events, offers, forms, and other engagements directly into your website. 

If you have access to your site’s source code, you can insert the embed code directly.

Get the code snippet from each engagement’s “Distribute” page by selecting “Embed on Website.” From there, you can create and customize a variety of widgets (such as embed blocks, pop-ups, and overlays). Once you’re done, click “View code” and all you’ll have to do is copy and paste the generated snippet directly into your own webpage. Make sure you insert the <script> block provided into the <head>; you only need to do this once for every page you add IntellaSphere widgets to.

If you use WordPress, IntellaSphere also offers an easy to use widget, which allows you to choose from various layouts to display your engagements on your site. 

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