How do IntellaSphere offers work?

Offers are a versatile tool for displaying and distributing a wide range of special deals and promotions to your customers. 

When creating an offer, first you select from several common promotion types, such as discounts, free shipping, BOGO, and others. This tailors the structure and components of the offer to best suit your needs. From there, you can add information to the offer, including pricing, fine print, and redemption instructions. 

You are also given several options for how customers can redeem your offers via the customizable action button, which is part of every offer page. Redemptions can be done via code (which you can either provide or have IntellaSphere auto-generate for each customer) or by directing users to a link you provide. You can decide whether to openly provide the code/link or to require customers to provide a name/email/phone number before being able to redeem. You can also set redemption limits and expiration dates to control who can redeem your offer and to incentivize faster redemptions.

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