How do I keep my emails from ending up in spam?

To keep your emails out of the spam folder, here are a few best practices to follow: White-labeling your domain Don’t send several emails to the same address over a short period of time Don’t embed Javascript, videos, or forms in emails Avoid spelling mistakes, all-caps, and excessive exclamation points, especially in subject lines


Why is white labeling my email important?

White labeling (or sender authentication) helps ensure the deliverability of your emails, keeps your messages out of spam folders, and adds legitimacy by allowing you to send emails through IntellaSphere which come directly from your domain. White labeling shows Internet Service Providers that you have given our system permission to deliver your emails and makes …

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Does IntellaSphere support bulk email?

Of course. You can distribute engagements and send emails out to your contact lists. We also offer easy-to-use email list sign-up forms and opt-in/opt-out tools, to make sure you’re on the right side of spam regulations and to make it easy for your customers to always be in the know.

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