How do I white label my email domain?

To set up white labeling, first, you will need to go to Settings > Email > Domain. Click on the “Add Domain” button, and you will be prompted to enter the details for your domain. 

“Domain Name” is simply your domain, with the “https://www.” removed. For example, if I am setting up white labeling for “https://www.mymarketingpanda.com,” I would enter “mymarketingpanda.com.”

The “Email Subdomain” is an extension for your domain which is associated with emails being sent. For example, if I want emails associated with “emails.mymarketingpanda.com,” I would enter “email.”

The “Link Subdomain,” similar to the Email Subdomain, is used to verify any links you add to your emails and prevents them from being flagged as spam. We recommend you also white-label your domain’s. So, if I want links to go through “links.mymarketingpanda.com,” I would check the “white label links” checkbox and enter “links” as the “Link Subdomain.”

If you select Default Domain, this domain will be the one used by default to send out your messages.

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