How Do I Run a Drip Campaign?

To run an email drip campaign with IntellaSphere you’ll need a dynamic list, which will hook into one of your engagements, such as a lead generation form that collects new contacts.

Start by making an engagement in the Engage Lab.
(We recommend sharing it on your social pages.)

In the Connections Lab you can create a dynamic list which pulls in responses from your engagement or form.

Create your drip campaign in the Campaigns Lab. Select the blue “Create” option in the upper left, then select Campaign. Choose the Email option, on the left.

Name the campaign and set a start and end date for however long you want it to run. Select Next, then choose Email Series (time delayed) to begin your drip campaign.

When you fill out the Email Series information, choose how long you want to delay each communication with the Message Delay Unit selection. When you select a list, be sure to select your dynamic list.

As long as the campaign is active, people will receive your drip messages as they are added to the list!

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