What are email or message drip campaigns?

The email or message series (or drip campaign) feature is a powerful tool which allows you to create a series of emails or messages which are distributed based on time delays and criteria as opposed to specified delivery dates.

Using a series, you create a set of communications on a timer, which trigger every time one of your contacts does something to match the criteria required to be added to a dynamic list. So, you can reach a specific subset of your clients by tying the campaign to a list which tracks people who recently redeemed an offer, contacted the company, or filled out a form. 

Once you’re set up you just sit back and relax: when a user joins the related list, their “timer” starts at the beginning—meaning they get each communication in the series in order, at the intervals you have set.

With drip campaigns, you can easily perform advanced actions, like emailing a new customer setup tips every week for their first five weeks, or launching a series of offers when a client is due to renew a service or repeat a purchase. 

Drip campaigns rely on dynamic lists. To learn how to use dynamic lists, check out: What are Dynamic Lists? 

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