Does IntellaSphere offer marketing automation?

Yes! IntellaSphere has copious tools to help you automate and improve your marketing processes.

Using the platform, you can utilize the content planner and scheduler to draft and schedule posts, engagements, emails, and other outreach. We help keep your response times snappy with versatile event triggered actions such as email/social auto-responders, and automatic follow-ups with dynamic content (which can do everything from simply saying “thanks,” to sending pursuant engagements, to intelligently asking happy customers for public reviews or requesting internal feedback from unhappy ones).

IntellaSphere also features advanced email, direct message, and multi-channel campaign functionality, which you can use to schedule a series of communications. You can either set a date for each email to go out or, you can set up a drip campaign to dynamically reach out to contacts based on time delays and criteria you select. Learn about drip campaigns, here.

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