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When you share an engagement or a piece of content to your social channels, you have the option to ask your promoters to amplify the content (you can find the option in the bottom-right corner of the “Create Post” screen, above the “Submit” button). After the post goes live, your Brand Promoters will get an alert asking them to amplify the content. 

In addition to the regular options to share the link on their own profiles, Promoters will see a box labeled “React & Amplify,” which takes them to the original post you created—meaning that instead of just reposting your link separately, they can react to and share your post, which gets you more visibility and promotes your brand and profile, and not only the content you shared. Your posts get more engagement, building up the credibility and reach of your brand’s presence online. 

Are you ready to naturally grow your business with the help of those who already love what you do? Check out How do I ask my Brand Promoters to amplify my content? to see how you can do it yourself.

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