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From Twitter to Search, Really

Yes, Twitter can be good for your search. Twitter and Google play together. You are likely aware that tweets appear in search results, including tweet-filled carousels. Yet the relationship isn’t all about indexing data or algorithms. According to PPC expert Mark Irvine, people power also connects Twitter and Google.  Active searching ramps up after topics trend on …

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Why Influencers Are Turning Micro

Celebrity marketing is old news, with businesses of all sizes shifting to micro influencers. Sure, Big Brands will continue to feature stars. How about Sofia Vergara, her son and their fabulous shampoo? Jennifer Aniston and her beloved skin creme? Or Dennis Quaid and his fake spokesman take on insurance? These commercials are fun to watch, make you …

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Your Brand, Your Survey Mode

Now that research survey tools have become democratized and readily accessible online, businesses are relying on them to make ongoing connections with fans, prospects and customers. Online surveys are okay It’s worth listening to expert researchers who caution us about findings based on how people give their opinions. This week, the Pew Foundation shared their …

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Personalized Marketing Is Possible

Some 80 percent of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences. You may have missed how personalization impacts sales! Businesses should expect consumers who find personalization “very appealing” to be their best customers by far. Plus consumers who rate businesses as doing “very well” on personalization will shop there …

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How Is E-Commerce Really Doing?

Businesses owners should keep up with e-commerce insights. Whether you sell online or simply engage there with prospects and customers, we want to share news which affects us all. Americans spent nearly four trillion dollars on retail sales last year, with 87 percent in stores and 13 percent online. Overall U.S. retail sales grew some 5.3 …

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The Answer is Snapchat

Facebook and Twitter are two of the least popular social apps among teenagers. You may have already known this. But can you guess which is the most popular? Take a look below at a chart from the Fall 2018 Piper Jaffary Taking Stock with Teens Survey, which tells you that the answer is Snapchat. Some …

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