The Answer is Snapchat

Facebook and Twitter are two of the least popular social apps among teenagers. You may have already known this. But can you guess which is the most popular?

Take a look below at a chart from the Fall 2018 Piper Jaffary Taking Stock with Teens Survey, which tells you that the answer is Snapchat.

Some people hear the words “social media” and their minds still immediately jump to Facebook or Twitter, and with good reason, because the two have been dominating the social networks for a long time now. But there are new social channels that are on the rise, and especially among the adolescent generation.

In 2018, some 8,600 teenagers were surveyed about their favorite Social Media platforms. These 16 year olds tell a new story:  Piper Jaffray reports that Snapchat is the current most popular social app among youth, with Instagram coming in a strong second.

Compare the 46% of teens who said they prefer Snapchat and 32% who prefer Instagram, to the 6% of teens using Twitter and 5% who use Facebook!  It’s clear that the “photography & friends” type of news feeds that make Snapchat and Instagram unique are a hit among the younger generation.

Is your company considering these usage statistics when targeting adolescents or teenagers? Something to think about! #WhatYouMissed

by Amanda Worrall, Dec-3-2018

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