Content Marketing No-No’s

It’s all too easy to slip into bad marketing habits, sometimes without even noticing.

When content marketing, every marketer is at risk of falling into old, repetitive patterns rather than continuously evolving with their audience. Ask yourself if you have ever, or how regularly, you fall victim to these common marketing no-no’s:

Winging your publishing schedule

You should instead make a habit of creating a content planning schedule ahead of time each month, and stick to it for consistency for your audience. MONTHLY!

Over-optimizing” your SEO

Something that many marketers mistake for a trick or hack is excessively optimizing their site or blog with keywords. Though optimizing your search engine ranking is important, creating masses of keywords may not be the best use of your time. It’s key to focus your content first on the needs of your readers/audience — and the search engines will find you.

Skipping your metrics

It’s important to be aware of which metrics are the right and wrong ones to track. You don’t want to get lost in all of the analytics “noise,” AKA, analysis paralysis. Remember, only a few key metrics matter: visitors, page views per visit, and social site sharing.

Taking part in “We Before You” marketing!

It’s tiresome to talk about or advertise for your business 24/7 across all of your media or on your blogs. You should put your readers first by finding ways to reach out and engage with them. Now is the time to be clever and find ways to draw people in, keeping in mind that your content should be focused on them and not you.

By simply dodging these content “marketing bullets,” you’re already well on your way to becoming a #PublishingPro!

by Amanda Worrall, Dec-3-2018

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