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What is social amplification?

When you share an engagement or a piece of content to your social channels, you have the option to ask your promoters to amplify the content (you can find the option in the bottom-right corner of the “Create Post” screen, above the “Submit” button). After…

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What should I ask my Brand Promoters to amplify?

We recommend amplifying your most important, newsworthy content, such as major sales, big events, high-profile promotions, or other significant updates about your business. Think about what your fans will want to share with their networks and spread the word about. It is essential to be…

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How do I ask my Brand Promoters to amplify my content?

When you create a post or engagement that is important, exciting, or otherwise worth spreading the word about, you can select the option to ask for that content to be amplified. When you do so, the people who have signed up to be your Brand…

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What are Brand Promoters?

Brand promoters are people who agree to advocate for your business and to share your important engagements and notifications. These are the super fans amongst your community who are willing to spread the word about you and tell their connections about the work you’re doing.…

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How do I find online influencers to connect to?

IntellaSphere allows you to search for people talking about things relevant to your business on social media. If you go over to Settings > Leads & Influencers > Keywords, you can enter up to 10 keywords, and 10 keywords to exclude, and the system will…

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What can Brand Promoters do for my business?

Expand your outreach by growing your digital community with Brand Promoters. IntellaSphere helps you take your marketing to new heights with the help of your fans and patrons whom you have asked to share your content and promotions with their networks. If you choose to…

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