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IntellaSphere turns prospects, customers and fans into brand promoters

What can Brand Promoters do for my business?

Expand your outreach by growing your digital community with Brand Promoters. IntellaSphere helps you take your marketing to new heights with the help of your fans and patrons whom you have asked to share your content and promotions with their networks. If you choose to…

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How do you reach your Promoters?

Once you’ve invited brand promoters, alerting them about your marketing efforts is easy! This video will show you how. How to send your marketing communications to your promoters to amplify: IntellaSphere lets you amplify these four key engagements: Offers, Surveys, Polls, & Events. It also…

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How do you get Brand Promoters?

This video will show you how to invite Brand Promoters. To sign up brand promoters, you’ll start by asking your current customers and fan base if they’re willing to help spread the word about your brand. Finding promoters is easy with IntellaSphere. All you have…

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