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How can I improve my community management process?

With IntellaSphere you can keep track and take action in your community with ease to improve your business reputation online. Here are some ways to improve your community management process: As you can see, there are actions you can take daily, weekly, monthly and periodically…

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How do I monitor and improve my online reputation?

Using your company name (and up to 4 other keywords you provide related to key identifying products or elements of your business—such as product names, nicknames for your business, or names of owners/operators), IntellaSphere monitors and parses online posts to find when and where you…

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Brand Mentions and Reputation

Reputation monitoring is intended to capture and display what people are saying about your company or brand online. You can view your brand mentions and score them so you can respond to comments about your business and track your overall digital reputation. You can also…

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How do you monitor and build Reputation (video)?

Reputation Monitoring captures and displays what people are saying about your company or brand online. How to monitor and build Business Reputation from IntellaSphere on Vimeo. With IntellaSphere… You can view online mentions in the Reputation lab. Indicate if the rating is positive, neutral, or…

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