Build Your Digital Reputation

Whether you’re growing a business or a personal brand, your reputation online matters.

Reputation is an aspect of marketing that is sometimes overlooked, but shouldn’t be. It’s true that the term “reviews” is more commonly used, but at the end of the day your reputation will make the difference between winning or losing a customer, and gaining or losing followers. Consumers rely on reviews to help them make decisions: 91% of people (between the ages 18-34) say they trust reviews.

When you’re researching a new product, service, or even a potential influencer for your brand, the first thing you usually check is what others are saying about it/them. Statistically, the chances of a consumer purchasing from you increase by 270% with just 5 reviews.

Before you worry, if you don’t have any reviews yet, there are things you have the power to do to start collecting feedback.


What can you do if you have no reviews?

Establish your presence: Before you can ask for people to leave you a review, you should be posting content to establish your presence online. Start by selecting which channels will be a part of your mix, then create content that will resonate with your target audience. Keep this up regularly, and you’ll be giving them a reason to want to help you!

Set up a review page for your business: We recommend choosing just one (common) review site to focus on, before moving on to create multiple. This will make it easier to grow your presence there, plus it’s more simple to request feedback with a single link, instead of sending your customers multiple options to respond to. Common review sites include Google Reviews and Yelp, but there are plenty of other options as well.

Make your review page links readily accessible: It should be easy to link people back to your organization’s review page. Create and streamline a process where you request reviews immediately after doing business with a customer. You don’t want them to forget about their experience before asking them to share their feedback.

Watch our webinar

Our tutorial dives into the relevance of nurturing your digital reputation. We will show you how you can create and set up review monitoring for your business as well.

Your reputation directly impacts customer loyalty. It does take some time to build up, but no business should sweep their reputation under the rug. Grow trust by showing people that you care about how they see you!

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