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Why should I send newsletters?

Use newsletters to promote your key communications. They’re also a great way to offer exclusive deals or promotions to your loyal readers. With IntellaSphere, building a standard newsletter is simple using our content building blocks. Just choose the type of content you want to add…

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What are email or message drip campaigns?

The email or message series (or drip campaign) feature is a powerful tool which allows you to create a series of emails or messages which are distributed based on time delays and criteria as opposed to specified delivery dates. Using a series, you create a…

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Does IntellaSphere offer marketing automation?

Yes! IntellaSphere has copious tools to help you automate and improve your marketing processes. Using the platform, you can utilize our content planner and scheduler to draft and schedule posts, engagements, emails, and other outreach. We help keep your response times snappy with versatile event…

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