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Setting Up Brand Promoters

With IntellaSphere, micro-influencer marketing is now possible for anybody. Anyone can invite “promoters” with the IntellaSphere system! We’ll help you get set up so that you’re ready to start amplifying your marketing communications.  First, set up a campaign you want to promote. Choose a goal:…

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What happens after I socially amplify?

Each time you choose to ‘amplify’ something that you posted on social media, your brand promoters will receive a Promoter Alert by email within one hour after you’ve hit the ‘amplify’ button. Whichever social channel your post was amplified from is the same channel where…

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How do I amplify an engagement?

There are four key engagements that can be amplified:Offers, Events, Polls & Surveys. There are multiple ways to amplify these four engagements. You can choose to amplify while creating the engagement, at the bottom of the first screen. Or you can choose to amplify a…

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How do I socially amplify a post?

Social amplification is easy and can organically boost the engagement on your posts. Start by choosing a post that you believe is relevant or important and that you want to promote. It can be a something that you’ve previously posted to your social channels. In…

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What can be amplified to my brand promoters?

You can amplify social posts, blogs, and these four key engagements: Offers, Events, Polls and Surveys. Amplification works the best and is most powerful for social posts and for socially shared engagements, because your promoters can “react and amplify” on your own pages. In addition,…

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Can I promote past social posts?

Yes! You can promote any current or past social posts quickly from the Posts Lab. Navigate to the Published tab in the Posts Lab, and you’ll find an “Amplify” option beneath your posts which you can ask your brand promoters to amplify. See how to…

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