How do I ask my Brand Promoters to amplify my content?

This video will teach you how to send Promoter Alerts.

When you create a post or engagement that is important, exciting, or otherwise worth spreading the word about, you can select the option to ask for that content to be amplified. When you do so, the people who have signed up to be your Brand Promoters receive an alert email which gives them the options to view, interact with, and share the content you sent out.

Amplification is especially powerful, as it includes links to your original posts, so promoters can not only repost your content/links on their pages, but can improve your visibility by sharing, liking, and commenting on posts on your page. That makes it easy for your supporters to easily interact with and let their networks know about the latest and greatest goings-on at your business. 

You can also send brand promoters other types of communications since they are stored as a list in your CRM. It’s a good idea to periodically show your appreciation and reward them for their willingness to help you out with exclusive deals, events, or access to news.

When you create an engagement or a post, you will have the option to ask Promoters to Amplify. By selecting “Yes,” you add your content to a periodic alert sent to your Promoters, which includes your selected promotions and announcements, as well as links to share and amplify the content. 

If you amplify an engagement, your Brand Promoters will be able to view its landing page and post the link to it on their social media. Moreover, if you amplify content posted to social media, your Promoters will also be able to access the original post on your page, react to it, and share it with their networks. 

Hint: When selecting content to amplify, do so within a small window of time to ensure that all of your alerts are sent in a single Promoter Alert email to your brand promoters.

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