How do I find online influencers to connect to?

This video will teach you how to add your Keywords in Settings to find influencers and leads on social media to connect with.

IntellaSphere allows you to search for people talking about things relevant to your business on social media.

If you go over to Settings > Leads & Influencers > Keywords, you can enter up to 10 keywords, and 10 keywords to exclude, and the system will automatically search the relevant topics and hashtags through your connected social media platforms, supplying you with a constantly-updating list of accounts discussing what is relevant to your company and industry. And if you are a local business, you can limit results to your area! This list will show up under Leads > Influencers > New, from where you can connect, reach out, track their status in your pipeline, convert them to leads, and ultimately leverage them to promote your business.

You can also use our Profile Search (which you can find by clicking on “Create” inside the Leads lab) to identify social media users who match a variety of criteria (such as keywords and location), so you can reach out to them and begin to nurture them as prospective influencers for your brand. 

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