Unboxing Your Influencers

Have you heard of unboxing videos? They feature people excitedly opening and then reviewing, showing or using products.

Videos of product reveals seem genuine coming from users, who naturally spread awareness about brands and their newest offerings.

Few product users are as popular as DewPieDew, who plays video games and attracts 80+ million YouTube channel subscribers. Some 86 percent are nanoinfluencers, attracting fewer than 10k subscribers and still impacting product awareness. Here’s one video from CR 2.0, who reaches 76k subscribers.

Everybody wins

While anybody could start a YouTube channel, successful influencers bring their personalities, interest in products and steady postings to attract loyal fans. If lucky, they may receive brand sponsorships and free products to review. (It’s far more difficult to earn money from video views alone.)

Other winners?  The video channel subscribers are winners who take pleasure in watching product reviews, from like-minded people.  Most importantly, business brands benefit from influencers who commonly deliver good or positive reviews, help grow awareness and presumably impact sales demand.

YouTube is your friend!

As a business, consider what kinds of products or services to show off. You don’t have to be a “big brand” to build trust and credibility through fans sharing videos about what you offer. Think about this virtuous cycle:

  • Someone video-shares their product experience
  • Others acknowledge or follow them
  • You recognize and reward that consumer
  • Someone else start to video (or otherwise) share their product experience

If you know someone who enjoys creating videos and spreading influence, and is already a fan of your business, then ask them to help you with an unboxed video or a video testimonial. You have the chance to amplify your connections and marketing results.

Help your nanoinfluencers. Grow video fans. #YOUCanUnboxTUBE

by Amanda Worrall, Jan-9-2019

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