The Science of Lead Generation

Lead generation is the foundation of every successful business.

While generating quality leads – contact information for people who are likely to buy your product – can seem overwhelming and impossible to master, the process of lead generation is simple when taken one step at a time.

Start from the Top

If lead generation has been largely unsuccessful for you or this is your first stab at it, the most important element is a website that generates traffic. Although you know the contact form is vital, the contact form only works if end users reach it. There are several ways to increase traffic on your website so more consumers become leads:

  • Publish accurate, authoritative, relevant content that is changed or updated frequently, most often through frequent blog posts
  • Use keywords strategically in the title, H1 title, and page description to improve Google ranking.
  • Market your website effectively through social media by sharing blog posts, utilizing hashtags strategically to reach more consumers, and maximizing your online presence.

Take the Next Step

Once a consumer and potential lead has navigated to your website, the content and graphics must be engaging and simple to navigate to keep them interested and spark their curiosity. Engaging graphics, a consistent logo from page to page, a common color scheme throughout, and a simple navigation system are easy ways to keep consumers engaged and interested in your website.

Finally, Get Their Info

We’re back at the contact form, the single most important element of lead generation after the customer has reached and remained on your website. The contact form must meet these specifications in order to generate the maximum number of effective leads:

  • It’s short and sweet. It requires only enough information to contact the customer and close the deal.
  • There are no or few mandatory fields.
  • There is no captcha to slow the process and consume effort.
  • It’s compelling and accompanied by promise. It explains what they will get and when they can expect in and the submit button says something more exciting than “submit.”
  • It’s available on every page of the website.

See? Understanding the science behind lead generation will free you to grow your business to limitless potential. It’s as simple as that.

by Bruce Worrall, Aug-20-2015

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