Reputation Building vs. Reputation Monitoring

There is a lot of discussion these days among marketers about building a recognizable brand.

Customers come to associate this name, logo or quality that with the person or company. The ultimate hope is that the brand will evoke a positive image, leading people to read a blog, visit a website, place an order or make a recommendation to others.

The problem is that the Internet both helps and hurts those attempting to create their brand. The bad side is that with the proliferation of the World Wide Web, almost anybody can post their opinions. Consequently, audiences are inundated with information about particular industries. Legitimate businesses get lumped in with the scammers, unfortunately. Thus, it is crucial that one know how to use social media techniques to build their reputation. Things do not stop there. It is important to constantly monitor and manage this reputation.

Keys to Reputation Building

  • Accept that it takes time
  • Be reliable
  • Accept responsibility for mistakes and problems
  • Post quality content that adds value to readers
  • Become an expert in your niche

Keys to Monitoring and Managing Reputation

  • Check popular social media sites regularly
  • Search company name online frequently
  • Respond to any relevant criticism
  • Report any false criticism to administrators
  • Use Google Alert to identify negative comments
  • Avoid Internet fights

It is important that those who want to establish a good reputation use technology but always rise above it. Audiences should always understand the company and its values are the sole focus of blog posts, tweets and advertisements. The technology must not transcend the messenger. In this manner, the high suspicion that readers hold of some internet sources will not redound upon the business.

Always remember that building a reputation can take a significant amount of time. For some, this means years. Nevertheless, a few negative online reviews could destroy that positive image in an instant. It is thus necessary to begin reputation management as soon as possible.

As stated earlier, the internet has leveled the playing field for businesses. Small companies and sole proprietors possess as much advertising potential as the largest conglomerates of the past. Yet, this democratizing effect also requires diligent monitoring of social media sites to ensure that negative press receives its due attention.

by Bruce Worrall, Aug-8-2015

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