Meet Bruce Worrall, IntellaSphere CEO

While everyone seems to have a personal definition of success, we all can agree that success takes confidence.

Meet Bruce Worrall, CEO of IntellaSphere, as he shares the purpose and passion driving IntellaSphere since it launched four years ago, and how the business is doing today. It’s a probing interview with Nathan Latka.

Comfort vs. Confidence

If Worrall had wanted to settle for a generic version of whatever “success” meant, he could have achieved it long ago. He worked for major tech companies in the past, received promotions and leadership roles, was prospering in his field and, above all, gained confidence in what he did.

Bruce had an entrepreneurial spirit from the moment he entered the business world, though it always came second to reliable, full-time work responsibilities.

That all changed once he co-founded IntellaSphere, the first Brand Affinity Marketing System. The company directly addresses frustrations about the complexity of digital marketing, by helping small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) build brand awareness and grow sales.

Confidence is the Key

Soon Worrall put comfort aside, when he decided to quit his full-time work and devote all of his time and effort into the business. He chose to be confident, and he stands by his decision today.

In a final question, Nathan Latka asks “What do you wish your 20 year old self knew?” and Bruce carefully replies that “being confident in yourself and whatever you do is really the key to success.”

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by Debby Richman, Jan-1-2019

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