How do you get Brand Promoters?

This video will show you how to invite Brand Promoters.

To sign up brand promoters, you’ll start by asking your current customers and fan base if they’re willing to help spread the word about your brand.

Finding promoters is easy with IntellaSphere. All you have to do is send out an invitation that includes a sign-up form for willing recipients.

In this order…

  • First login to IntellaSphere. In the Engage Lab, click on Create then click on Promoter Sign-Up. You’ll be taken to the Promoter Sign-Up screen where you can upload your own image and/or edit the description. Click next to view or edit the invitation form. To finish, click on Create, then Create and Distribute to share your invitation.
  • Once you’re taken to the Distribute screen, you’ll need to decide where you want to share your Promoter Invitation. We strongly recommend sharing it socially and through email. You might also want to embed it on your website.
  • To distribute your invitation through bulk email, click on Send via email and IntellaSphere will re-direct you to the Create bulk email screen.
  • Here, you can enter your recipients manually, choose from your lists or create a new list.
  • Click next to view or edit your email body. Feel free to use our default template, or add your own custom message instead.
  • Finally, in Email Delivery you can either schedule or send out your Promoter Invitation immediately.
  • DON’T FORGET to ask people to sign-up through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and/or your blog! To do so, click on Share via Social on the distribute screen and IntellaSphere will re-direct you to the Create a Post screen where you can introduce or explain your invitation. From there you can schedule or post immediately, just click on Submit.
  • Your promoters will receive a confirmation email when they sign up! You’ll then be able to start alerting them about your deals, offerings and communications.

Inviting Brand Promoters should be simple and very straightforward; and it’s just as quick for your promoters to sign-up as it is for you to invite them.

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