How do you reach your Promoters?

Once you’ve invited brand promoters, alerting them about your marketing efforts is easy! This video will show you how.

How to send your marketing communications to your promoters to amplify:

  • IntellaSphere lets you amplify these four key engagements: Offers, Surveys, Polls, & Events. It also lets you share any blog or social content.
  • You’ll start by creating any of these (above) communications or engagements.
  • While making these specific marketing activities, you’ll notice the option that says Ask Your Promoters to Amplify at the bottom of the first page in each process. To send promoter alerts, always remember to check the “Amplify…” box!!!
  • When you are ready to distribute and want your promoters to share your marketing activities, be sure to send them socially… By clicking on “Share Via Social”.
  • Then, select which social profiles you want to share to. Make sure to select yes on the “Amplify” check box in the bottom right corner … Keep in mind that Amplifying Socially will get you the most out of IntellaSphere’s promoter functionality.
  • Because YOUR PROMOTER ALERTS ARE AUTOMATICALLY SENT out, it’s important to plan and unify your communications. We recommend scheduling them OR sending out any of the engagements within a short amount of time from each other.
  • If you checked the box that Asks your Promoters to Amplify, they will be notified through an automated promoter alert from IntellaSphere.
  • If you amplified on your social channels, then your promoters can now take action on their social channels, directly from the alerts!

Alerting your brand promoters is easy and should take practically no extra effort!

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