How do I grow my social following?

If you’re trying to grow your follower counts, the IntellaSphere toolkit offers ways to help you do so — all while building your awareness and reputation.

Of course, there’s no way to promise followers to anyone because it takes some effort. Here are steps you can take and repeat to get your name out there. It’s never too late to start building your social media following!

Consider what attracts followers, using IntellaSphere’s best practices.

1 | People follow accounts that exemplify brand standards and post quality content.

Set standards across channels with a brand kit
Choose a consistent theme, (especially on Instagram) and stick with it
– Post content that is relate-able and offers a benefit for your target audience

2 | People follow accounts who post regularly.

Organize your communications with a content planner
Get into a posting flow with a post scheduler

3 | People follow accounts who seem human.

Interact with your followers
Use a “human” voice on social pages, don’t push sales
Efficiently respond to unhappy customers or complaints

4 | People follow accounts with influence.

– Use keywords to monitor and build your reputation
– Utilize our Brand Promoters to help spread the word about you
– Track and boost your positive reviews

IntellaSphere can help you grow followers by creating, unifying and amplifying your communications across social channels.

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