Get Started with the Brand Kit

The Brand Kit is your set of selected standard colors and font styles to be used in your marketing materials.

Though setting up your Brand Kit is optional, doing so will save you time in the long run while creating content, promotions, and campaigns! It also keeps the look and feel of your brand consistent, across channels.

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  1. Visit Settings > Account Setup > Brand Kit
  2. Select your brand's standard Colors & Fonts to be used on content
  3. Change the look of your Buttons & Forms

Do I need a logo?

You can easily add your logo to all your promotions by adding it to your Company Info in Settings.

If you don't have one created, no worries! We'll just use your company name, it will still look fine. Or, you can use a fun font and color, then save it as an image and upload.

We recommend uploading an image which has a (horizontal) 4:1 ratio and is at least 300px by 75px, though a square will work too.

What is the banner image?

On all your engagements, a banner image will appear beneath the logo. We recommend adding a photo that represents your company, or a creative image works too.

While IntellaSphere automatically sizes the banner, the suggested size for uploading a banner is 1200px by 600px. For best results, make sure it's a (horizontal) 2:1 ratio.

Can I personalize other content?

Customizing your marketing content at an individual level is just as easy. Add your own images, edit the text, or you can even override the Brand Kit (in Additional Settings) if you want a different theme on any engagement.

You can create any promotional offer, event, survey, newsletter, contact or lead generation form using IntellaSphere. Customize them or not at all! Your Brand Kit will make them look consistent & professional.

To learn more, see our Quick Start Guide.

Hint: If you choose not to set up your Brand Kit, you can still customize and make all of your promotions look professional. Simply upload a photo, edit the information, and adjust the creative in "Additional Options."

Setting up the brank kit from IntellaSphere on Vimeo.

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