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Get promos and marketing done with IntellaSphere's engagement templates

How do I add an Engagement to my website?

We offer numerous easy ways to integrate your events, offers, forms, and other engagements directly into your website.  If you have access to your site’s source code, you can insert the embed code directly. Get the code snippet from each engagement’s “Distribute” page by selecting…

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What are Engagement tools?

Intellasphere provides numerous ways for you to reach out to existing and potential customers, and provide them with actionable ways to interact with your business. When you create an engagement, a landing page or web form is created through our service, you can share the…

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Customer Engagement Tools

In the Engage Lab, click on Create to find the list of customer engagement tools that can be used to grow your awareness — by interacting with customers or connections. You can also find these tools by navigating to the Start button in the lower…

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Running Campaigns

In the Campaigns Lab, you can schedule and monitor series of communications to engage your audience and to tell your story. You can create email, direct message, or multi-channel campaigns. Then, set the parameters, such as the run-dates, message timing, and target audience. This feature…

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How do you Distribute your communications?

There are 3 main ways to distribute any of your engagements from IntellaSphere… Share via Social: Clicking on this will take you to the Posts area, where you can create a social post including your engagement and schedule when you will send it live. Send…

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View, Edit, or Re-Use Engagements

In the Engage area, notice that beneath any engagement you have the option to view, re-use, edit or share it. View: This takes you to a new tab to view your engagement the way it will appear once published. Edit: When you edit an engagement,…

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