3 Reasons SMB’s Need to Embrace Permission Marketing

Permission marketing is an important style of selling products and services.

This type of marketing is like attracting bees to honey, as a small business owner you are being respectful of potential customers, and regular customers by simply asking for their permission to send them (email) promotional material and or information about the products. Customers are more likely to purchase a product(s) if they feel respected by the small business, no one wants to be spammed. There are some marketers that feel permission marketing is a waste of time and not cost effective. However, sending an email that potential customers never even read, and simply delete, can be a waste of time.

  1. Permission marketing is cost effective. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to write an email. If you are not a good writer, you can hire a freelance writer to write the emails for $100 or less. You do not have to purchase envelopes, stamps, mailing labels, return address labels, or drive to the post office to mail a letter. With email marketing you simply click send and it arrives in the intended customer’s inbox almost instantly. Most importantly you know your email will be read because the customer has requested that you send it.
  2. Once you have built relationships with your customers not only do you have permission to send the information, the customer will be looking forward to receiving the message. With permission marketing it is also much easier to build your customer base, they may pass on the information to their family and friends, and that will provide you with even more customers. This type of marketing provides a more intimate and trust worthy business transaction.
  3. According to marketing specialist Jeff Godwin, permission marketing is the hottest new marketing trend. That should mean something. He is quoted as saying – “Permission marketing turns strangers into friends and friends into loyal customers,” he says. “It’s not just about entertainment – it’s about education.”

Permission marketing may seem old fashion to some, but try looking at it this way – you have just sat down to dinner after a long hard day and the phone rings and it’s a telemarketer, need I say more.

by Bruce Worrall, Sep-29-2015

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