Google Helps Small Businesses Put Themselves on the Map to Attracting Customers

It is a truism in the Internet age that a website unseen by online users might as well not exist.

Likewise, a business that has no website at all, will face continued challenges gaining clientele, as consumers increasingly use online searches to find whom to patronize.

So, what can be done? Well, Google, the Internet search giant, has embarked on a remarkable program to get every small business on the Web, so they can compete with the majors. Google understands that the Web provides small businesses with the upside of reaching potential customers from anywhere in the world. There are few barriers to success these days, unlike the past, when entrepreneurs needed large operating budgets to do well in the marketing game.

Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map

Google has done more than use rhetoric about the importance of small businesses establishing digital profiles. In fact, the hi-tech company’s innovative program educates these enterprises on how to get started. Known as “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map,” the initiative covers the entire United States. That is right, Google has created unique websites for the over 30,000 towns and cities across the nation. On these sites, small businesses receive detailed information on how to set up, and improve, their profiles on Google My Business, Google Plus and Google maps.

Perhaps most importantly, Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map has a function allowing business owner to view their profiles as does an online user. This tool helps these businesses see the areas needed for improvement.

For the online novice, the program provides a domain name, along with one free year of provider service.

Local In-Person Training Available

Google helping SMB’s extends beyond the Internet itself. Realizing that not all small business owners are tech savvy, and some may just want more face-to-face interaction, the company has set up local training sessions. In conjunction with area Chambers of Commerce, and other business-friendly entities, Google will teach residents in-person how to use the Internet to improve their ability to serve customers.

Digital Marketing is a Boon For Small Business

This new program is as much a boon for small business as is the Internet. Google offers, at no cost, the necessary education to use the Internet as a marketing strategy. Meanwhile, the ability of small businesses to create profiles and websites visible to potential customers, both local and internationally, democratizes the economic playing field more than anyone could have dreamed just one generation ago.

Main Street may not become the new Wall Street, but no one can deny this program helps empower the 21st century small business.

by Bruce Worrall, Oct-8-2015

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