5 Ways SMB’s Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is the best way for small businesses to attract new customers, and make money online and offline if you own a brick and mortar store.

When a small business uses a video to market their product(s) they are more likely to get noticed. People love videos, it gives potential customers the opportunity to see the face behind the product(s), and that builds a certain level of trust.


Video marketing for small business has numerous benefits starting with SEO advantages, an increase in your sales conversion, lead generation, and of course a social media following, which is a huge marketing tactic for small businesses.

  1. Personal Experience for Potential Customers – Not only will the video give the customer a face to go with the product, it allows the customer to see that the product is real and not a scam. For a potential customer to be reassured that they are dealing with a real person is very important. Video marketing also allows small businesses to target a specific group of buyers.
  2. SEO Advantages – The majority of the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN rank videos by keywords. Statistics show that videos rank much higher than an article with the same keyword. Visitors to your website are more likely to watch a two minute video than read a 500 word article.
  3. Social Media – If you own a small business you have to have social media accounts especially Facebook and Twitter. These two sites allow you to share links to your video and as we all know billions of people have a Facebook account and Twitter accounts. If your video could reach only 1% of those people and they were interested in your product or services your sales would be astronomical. The key is targeting the right people.
  4. Targeting the Right People for Your Product – Requires a lot of research, mailing lists, joining online groups that are similar to your product, using social media to connect with people who have an interest in your product or similar products. Targeting your main audience is not as easy as it may seem, there a dozens of books written on how to find your target audience, reading some of them would be beneficial to your efforts.
  5. Video Based Feeds – Offer your target audience and anyone who will take the time to read your offer a subscription to your videos. This way your subscribers are always notified when a new video is available.

Making a marketing video is pretty simply, you need a web cam, microphone, and a few sites to upload your video to, YouTube is the most popular video hosting site.

by Bruce Worrall, Sep-24-2015

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