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Use newsletters to promote your key communications. They’re also a great way to offer exclusive deals or promotions to your loyal readers.

With IntellaSphere, building a standard newsletter is simple using our content building blocks. Just choose the type of content you want to add to your newsletter, by clicking on which pieces of content you want to include and customizing the title, image, description and look — and you’re all set!

Standard Newsletter Builder

You may send out your newsletter to one or more people using an email list. When you distribute you can click on send to a current list, or you can manually enter recipients.

Remember! Stay CAN-SPAM compliant, which means emailing to people you know want to receive email and have agreed to receive it too.

To start building an email list, customize the Newsletter Subscription template in the Engage Lab to your liking. Then post it to your social channels, embed it on your website or include it in your emails communications.

Preview of a finished Newsletter

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