How do I generate more interest around my content?

When you create content or a core engagement with IntellaSphere, for example an offer or event, there are things you can do to generate additional interest around your engagement, and build your awareness this way.

Let’s say you have set up an exciting event through IntellaSphere and want to get the word out now. To attract participants, the event itself needs a range of “campaign” communications.

We recommend setting up at least two other engagements that you can customize to your liking in the Engage Lab, and relating them to your content that you are trying to promote – an event, in this example.

This event includes an action button to contribute, as well as a separate link to the campaign in the description.

You could create a Poll that asks something relevant to your upcoming event and attendees, for example: Do you see George Washington as a revolutionary war hero or a U.S. president?

Or, you can add custom links to your event page to offer a way for visitors or attendees to sign up or learn more about your service.

Customize a Contact Us (lead gen) form in the Engage Lab, take the link from the landing page it creates and get a short link for it (optional) by using the URL shortener in the Posts Lab, where you create a post.

Now you can create leads anywhere, by adding that link to your event or anywhere you’re describing the core engagement. You could say something like: Want to join George Washington’s team of supporters? Sign up today for free! (insert short link)

The link in the description from the event takes visitors to a lead gen form, like this one.

If you have a blog, we also recommend creating a post that relates to the core engagement that you’re trying to promote, and posting it around the same time that you’re promoting. Be sure to include a hyperlink to your content, unless it’s time sensitive! But why not throw in another lead gen form on your blog, right?

These multiple touches in different channels and places are what create content marketing as a whole. You can’t only be present in one space, your goal should be to reach out and expand your visibility online through these practices!

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